The Making Of A Handmade Shoe

This short film takes you inside Bontoni’s ‘Casa e Bottega’ (home-based workshop) where everyone takes great pride in working with their hands. Discover some of our key construction and hand-coloring processes.

Cutting Patterns

A short film underscoring how important the process of pattern cutting is with respect to creating a shoe.  The precision of the cuts is extremely important for ensuring that a given pattern is optimal for both a particular last and size of a particular model.  

Weaving The Thread

A very short film on the process of creating the threads for our Norwegian constructions.  Depending upon the thickness of desired thread, our artisans will take a certain number of individual strands to weave them tightly together with beeswax.  It’s a very laborious and time-consuming process.  


A short film showcasing some of the intricate hand-craftsmanship techniques and processes involved in bringing a Bontoni shoe to life. 

Polishing To Perfection

This short film demonstrates some of the techniques required to achieve a perfect Bontoni sheen.  Our master colorists use slow circular movements and a great deal of patience to achieve the ideal shine. 

Hand-Punching Sizes

A very short film showing how even the tiniest of details are given great attention. Hand-Punching the number of the sizes is just one of the hundreds of hand operations that go into each pair of Bontoni shoes.

Inside Bontoni’s Casa E Bottega

A short video showing the various activities inside Bontoni’s in-house bottega.


Sanahunt Luxury Store Sits Down With Franco Gazzani

A video of Sanahunt’s (Kiyv) sit-down interview with Franco Gazzani. Among the topics discussed were Bontoni’s philosophy and unique discreet Italian elegance.


Bontoni featured in the science fiction crime drama “Person Of Interest”

A short video showing scene in the “Blunt” Episode.







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